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August 28, 2021

Acquire Building Permit Through DMT Approval And TAMM Services

The continuous developmental projects in Abu Dhabi, including the construction of various structures for commercial, residential, and many more, demand strict regulation and standards on the building process in the Emirate. The Department of Municipalities and Transport or DMT, and the TAMM portal have upgraded their service application to further enhance their established quality services. Business entities in Abu Dhabi are all required to gain approvals, permits, and licenses prior to the commencement of their ventures which is also parallel to the approval process needed for the engineering and construction industry subsequent to the commencement of projects such as the acquisition of building permit.

DMT Approval and the TAMM Services

The TAMM service portal provides specified services for every government entity in Abu Dhabi which included the Department of Municipalities and Transport services. One of the services is the Request for Building Permit Issuance with DMT approval standards to ensure the adequacy of projects prior to the issuance of the permits and licenses. The requirements for building permits may also vary on the type of project and the location of the project, respectively, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, and Al Dhafrah Region Municipality. Building Permit approval services for each of these municipalities can be flexibly accessed through the TAMM portal to the process of acquiring approvals, permits, and licenses that will allow the construction works while ensuring compliance to the relevant standards and requirements provided by DMT.

Request for Building Permit Issuance

After receiving the required approvals from relevant authorities and departments, the request for the issuance of a building permit can be processed through this service. The eligibility for this service is determined through the document’s status in MyLocker.

The following are documents that may need to be submitted during the service.

  1. Approved Construction Plans
  2. Approved Electrical and Mechanical Drawings
  3. Architectural Drawings

Required Documents:

  1. Approved Construction Plans    
  2. Approved Electrical and Mechanical Drawings    
  3. Architectural Drawings


  • Commercial:    AED 2000
  • Industrial:    AED 500
  • Insurances:    AED 2000
  • Private facilities or government:    AED 2000
  • Request for Building Permit Issuance:    AED 2000
  • Residential:    AED 300

Request a New Building Permit

The request for a building permit for the following types of projects can be processed through this service.

New building on an empty plot
New separate building on a plot containing an existing building
Building additions horizontal or vertical expansion
Building internal or external modifications without additions for the purpose of reviewing the engineering plans that have been prepared and ensuring their compliance to applicable building permits laws and regulations.

The eligibility for this service is determined through the document’s status in MyLocker.

The following are documents that may need to be submitted during the service.

  1. Approved Construction Plans
  2. Architectural Layout Plan
  3. Building Plans

Other Documents:

  1. Building Permit Request Process
  2. Service application through the available channels.
  3. Upload the required documents.
  4. Acquisition of the stamped drawings.

Required Documents:

  1. Copy of Approved Construction Plans    
  2. Copy of Architectural Layout Plan    
  3. PDF format of Building Plans, not required in case of no architectural or structural review.

Other Documents:
The required documents may differ from projects type and other business requirements such as residential, non-residential, non-development, and development projects. 

  1. Architectural Drawings (Arch - DWF)
  2. Use and Number of Occupants for each unit (Arch - DWF)
  3. Basement Extension Approval is required in case the project involves an extension of the basement of the building (Arch)
  4. ADEK Approved Drawings or Letter is required if the project will take place on the land of an educational institution (Arch - PDF)
  5. Trip Generation and Parking Calculation Sheets is required in case the traffic study for the project has not been approved (Arch)
  6. Circulation Plans (CP) is required in case the traffic study for the project has not been approved (Arch)
  7. A list of Buildings (within templates) is required if the project involves more than one plot (Arch)
  8. Planning Approval is required only for development projects (Arch - PDF)
  9. Developer Approval is required only for the developer (in area A81) for all types of projects except for New buildings on an empty plot (Arch)
  10. Structural Drawings (Str - DWF)
  11. Soil Report (Str - DWF)
  12. Structural Calculations (Str - DWF)
  13. Structural Load for each Unit (Str - DWF)
  14. Smart Building Indicator (within templates) is mandatory for projects that its space exceeds 2000 square meters (Str)
  15. Civil Defense Initial Approval Drawing (CD - DWF)
  16. Electrical Drawings (Elec - DWF)


  • Request a New Building Permit:    AED 0

AD Approvals aims to provide full approval services and assistance in the document at drawing completion and submission in compliance with the regulations and standards of DMT and other relevant authorities. Contact us for more details.

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July 17, 2021

Importance of ADAFSA Preliminary Approval on Food Establishment

Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority is committed to continuously develop safety regulations and comprehensive procedures in line with other government authorities and departments with the vision to guarantee safety standards on food supply from local and international channels. ADAFSA Food Control Sector is responsible for implementing laws and regulations related to food safety in Abu Dhabi, in coordination with other relevant authorities. Food facilities like factories, hotels, catering companies, or any food establishment like restaurants and cafes need preliminary approvals from ADAFSA. This authority will require that the premises must meet the specific requirements and standards to acquire permits and approvals.

How to Get Food Establishment Preliminary Approval from ADAFSA

The ADAFSA Control Sector is responsible for implementing the compliance to food safety standards of food establishments and productions in Abu Dhabi. The sector is always committed to conveying the premier services to its strategic affiliates. They also provide awareness programs and consultations to ensure food safety throughout the food chain. Based on Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority Regulation concerning Food Hygiene throughout the Food Chain, the guidelines will assist the food industry to comply with the requirements and standards related to the Food establishment’s layout, design, construction, and size of the food establishment.

What is Food Service Design and Equipment under ADAFSA Approval?

Food safety approval begins at the initial planning phases, the appropriate design will help to provide proper food establishments that are easy to clean and maintain, and facilitate safe food production. The installation of features for food safety practice solutions at the time of construction is a cost-effective scheme. Thie foodservice design and equipment guidelines denote ADAFSA approval standards on the design and layout. In some instances, food business operators can use an equivalent or alternative approach, as long as it satisfies the requirements of the applicable regulations.

Request To Issue Preliminary Approval

This service provides access to ADAFSA Approval Requests for the Food Establishment location to ensure compliance with the safety regulations and standards and review the Food Service Design and Equipment to ensure the proper workflow and food safety production. The service duration may take up to 2 working days and a fee amounting to AED 200 under the E-Dirham payment method.

Submit the required documents through the available ADAFSA service channels.
Pay the applicable fees. 
Print the certification.

Required Documents:
ID card
Site plan
Original Official Letter from the License Provider

Significance of Proper Food Establishment Design

The proper layout design of food establishments should integrate food safety guidelines and regulations up to the construction, completion, and maintenance phase. Also, there is required maintenance for environmental conditions such as the inclusion of temperature and humidity controls that will provide appropriate conditions for food process and production, and lessen the risk of contamination. Buildings and facilities for food production should be designed to provide partition, separate areas for specific operations that may cause cross-contamination. Proper workflow of operations must be considered to allow hygienic procedures from receipt to storage, preparation or processing, production, and packaging then final product to serving or storing. The design should also be suitable to conditions for processing. Permit good food hygiene practices, including protection against cross-contamination, pest access, and infestation. Easily allow for sufficient maintenance and cleaning operations and sound hygienic control at all the stages of production or serving.

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June 12, 2021

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Initial and Shop Drawing Plans Revision

The vital elements of ensuring the safety and security of all kinds of structures and their premises before and after construction are the effective monitoring and control of standards and regulations implemented by relevant authorities. On top of these, it is important to observe the standards to gain ADCD approval for the initial and shop drawing review and approval and revision approval. Abu Dhabi Civil Defence is one of the authorities that provide approvals on shop drawing plans and revisions ensuring that fire, life, and safety features and other new project designs comply with the local codes and standards.

Revision of the Initial and Shop Drawing Plans for ADCD Approval

Engineering consultants, professionals, and companies with a House of Expertise license from ADCD impart on the reviewal and approval process of drawing compliance with the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice or UFC and the National Protection Protection Association requirements. The following are guidelines observed by the House of Expertise in the review, verification, and approval process for Revision of Initial and Shop Drawing Plans for any kind of structures or facilities impost by Abu Dhabi Civil Defence.

A sufficient number of drawings complying with the requirements for submission.
Drawings’ level of contents and format must be in line with Abu Dhabi Civil Defence guidelines.
The design must observe the enforced code requirements.

Issues might be found during the initial drawing review submission which will be marked upon the drawings or a report showing the faults found in the design. These inadequacies must be focused on and cautiously rectified for resubmission. After it passed the third-party reviewal process from the House of Expertise, then the ADCD approval will be acquired.

Fire Systems Included in Shop Drawing Review and Approval Submission

Initial and Shop Drawing Review and Approval submission usually cover all the systems which include the following.
Life Safety
Fire Alarm System
Fire Protection System
Emergency Lighting System
Smoke Control System
LPG System

Detailed cladding drawing reviews from the House of Expertise can also be included to acquire ADCD approval. 
The following are guidelines for Cladding drawings review. 

Drawings review of the exterior facade assembly system.
Evaluation of site condition and site survey for the proposed external wall assembly system.
Test certificates and test reports review for proposed exterior facade materials.
Engineering Judgement provision on the exterior facade wall assembly system based on the field condition and approval acquisition from concerned authorities.
Recommendation for modification on either design or installation as per Abu Dhabi Civil Defence approval requirement.
Comments and recommendations provision needed on the existing approved drawings for the proposed exterior facade wall system proposed for the building.
Review and third-party certification provision of the design drawing of the exterior facade wall assembly system proposed for the building.

AD Approvals offers assistance on reviewal of Initial and Shop Drawing Plans including Revisions to acquire hassle-free third-party approval from the House of Expertise and swift ADCD approval. Our prevention and safety engineers review drawing plans for proposed new buildings and as-built to examine the safety aspects of every structure before the Initial and Shop Drawing Plans Review, Revision, and Approval submission to Abu Dhabi Civil Defence and relevant authorities and departments.

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May 29, 2021

Abu Dhabi Building Permits, Licenses, and Approvals

Every business entity in Abu Dhabi must possess certain approvals, permits, and licenses before they can start their ventures. The same goes with the engineering and construction industry which also requires particular approvals, permits, and licenses prior to and subsequent to their commencement of work.  For example, the Engineering consultants and the contractors in Abu Dhabi must first have the Classification License that will allow them to work in a specific project sector, size, and purpose within the city. Abu Dhabi approval standards are set up, too, to ensure the significance and suitability of projects before the issuance of permits, licenses, or documents. These requirements can be acquired depending on the location of the project.

Required Building Permits and Licenses in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Transport and Municipalities or DMT approval services provide flexible access to the process of acquiring approvals, permits, and licenses. DMT package of comprehensive digital services includes access to the approval process and building permit acquisition for projects in the Abu Dhabi Municipality, the Al Ain Municipality, or the Al Dhafrah Region Municipality. There are project requirements and details that may differ from each municipality, however, contractors have the same general list. Building works must comply with relevant standards and requirements to gain some permits from Abu Dhabi government entities regarding utilities.

Permits and Licenses

Civil Works Permit that includes works prior to any groundworks.
Building Permit that requires obtained approvals from relevant authorities.
Building Completion Certificate.

List of Common Authority Approvals

Urban Planning Council or UPC approval is subjected to time limits such as Individual Projects for within 2 years and Master Plans for within 3 years.
Preliminary Environment Review or PER.
License from the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency.
Abu Dhabi Municipality or ADM approval for Abu Dhabi City Municipality.
Al Ain Municipality approval for Al Ain City Municipality.
Al Dhafrah Municipality approval for Al Dhafrah Region Municipality or Western Region.
Department of Transport Permit from the Integrated Transport Center or ITC approval associated with the access road and internal road network following the submission of a traffic effects study.
Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre approval on Disposal and Hazardous Waste Plan.
Abu Dhabi Distribution Company or ADDC approval for water and electricity.
Telecommunications Permit fro Etisalat or DU.
Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company or ADSSC approval for sewerage services.

Acquire No Objection Certificate or NOC From Relevant Authorities

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence or ADCD approval
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company or ADNOC depending on the purpose of the project.
Abu Dhabi Centre for Culture and Heritage or ADCCH.
Abu Dhabi Airports Company or ADAC.
The Critical National Infrastructure Authority, and the UAE Armed Forces, or other Abu Dhabi government entities.

Submission Process 

Building Permit request application.
Submission of required documents.
Payment of fees and charges.
Issuance of Permits, Licenses, and Certificates.

Request, submissions, and payments will be processed through the DMT approval digital service portal. This is a general requirements list and the information provided may vary on the type, size, purpose, location of the project, and as per government amendments and updates. 

AD Approvals offers assistance on the process of document completion, submission, and acquisition of Authority approvals, building permits, and certificates needed for engineering projects in Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, and Al Dhafrah Region Municipality following the rules and regulations under DMT approval and other relevant Authorities and departments. We provide smooth and hassle-free services for residential or villa projects, industrial buildings, multistorey buildings, and public buildings in Abu Dhabi.

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May 15, 2021

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company Approval of Electrical Drawings

The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, as the major energy distributor in Abu Dhabi, is committed to being the leading supply company for water and electricity distribution in the capital Emirate. It standards firm as an employer of choice that puts people first and a community-minded company that is known for its strategic principles of innovation, teamwork, transparency, ownership, and cares. ADDC plans, operates, maintains, and owns network distribution resources and directly interfaces with water and electricity consumers, supporting technical calibers and quality customer service and solutions. The company also ensures efficient water and electricity services to consumers through continuous enhancements with a savvy, resilient, innovative, and sustainable distribution network.

ADDC Approval of Electrical Drawings

The Approval on Electrical Drawings under the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company service category of Extension and Connection of Electricity Services provides evaluation and assessment on the internal wiring shop drawings ensuring the compatibility and compliance of the specifications and standards set by the supervising departments and the ADDC. This ADDC approval service is granted to existing and proposed residential, agriculture, commercial, industrial, and governmental projects within Abu Dhabi City and areas in Al Dhafrah Region.

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company Required Documents for Electrical Drawing Approval

Ministry of Labor authenticated Electricity Contractor Contract
Land Plan
Electrical Wiring Diagram
Electrical Loads Table of Details
Architectural Schemes Approval Copy
Approved Plan of the Electrical Room or Transformer
Proposed Civil Works Plan
Electrical Meters Table
Floor Plans for Projects with Internal Meters only

Steps to Acquire ADDC Approval on Electrical Drawing Service

Submit an application and required documents through the ADDC website service portal.
Review and assessment of the application and required documents.
ADDC approval or rejection response for the application.
Close the application.

Required Fees and Charges
AED 250 for a less than or equal to 500 kW
AED 500 for more than 500 kW

Client Categories 
Anyone from the client categories below can acquire the service through the ADDC website.

Persons (G2C)

  1. Residential
  2. Agricultural

Business Sector (G2B)

  1. Industrial
  2. Commercial

Governmental Sector (G2G)

  1. Governmental

Service Duration
Within 3 Working Days

ADDC approval and services set strategic goals that focus on building a smart, sustainable, integrated, productive, and rationalized distribution system, which will assure to fulfill present and future energy demand and consumer expectations. The safety and efficiency of the operations of energy distribution and supply of the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company are on point and maintained at all costs to prevent any dysfunction and shortage. It has been the mission of ADDC to operate an enhanced, reliable, secure, and cost-effective distribution system in Abu Dhabi to deliver economical yet cutting-edge services to the community. The values of the company have been its core in providing quality services to consumers while having continuous upgrades, and achieving the goal of becoming one of the leading energy distribution and supply companies worldwide.

Abu Dhabi Approvals provides assistance in obtaining Abu Dhabi Distribution Company approval of Electrical Drawings and other Extension And Connection Of Electricity and Services for residential, commercial, and industrial engineering projects within Abu Dhabi City and Al Dhafrah Region. We offer quality services on application, document completion, and submission for approval acquisition from major Abu Dhabi authorities and relevant departments such as Abu Dhabi Municipality and Al Dhafrah Region Municipality approvals for engineering projects across the capital Emirate. Contact us for more details.

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April 29, 2021

2030 Urban Development Plan of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi caters to a blend of modern and cultural society that helped carve the ongoing urban development modernization of the city. The future goal of the government is to develop numerous new areas and districts with infrastructure upgrades, transportation advancements, residential projects, and economic development through tourism upswings. As the community grows along with the modernization framework, named the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, the initiatives will surely shape the society into an innovative and sustainable global capital city. The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council with the participation of other authorities and departments such as the Department of Municipalities and Transportation or DMT helps to implement this multifaceted initiative.

Sustainable Urban Plan for the Future Global Capital City

It is important to have proper knowledge on the efficient usage of existing assets through conservation and respecting natural and cultural resources. Conservation is one of the major techniques for integrating sustainability into any kind of developmental project around the city. Active exploration of renewable energy production in Abu Dhabi will help to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and be able to educate future generations about vision. 

Abu Dhabi sets its strategic approach on sustainability for the Urban Structure Framework Plan of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 that aims to become a global capital city in three decades more. From its initiation 13 years ago, the upgrades for the city have gone a long way inspiring other cities and neighboring countries to start modernization focusing on sustainable policies that will benefit the natural environment, economic growth, cultural heritage, and human wellbeing. 

Abu Dhabi Authorities on Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, DMT along with ADM clinch to build a unique environment prudently while preserving the natural environment and cultural heritage. Every phase will be carefully planned to strike a balance between conservation and modernization. The evolving culture in the city inspires the urban plan to create a pleasant range of housing developments that will simultaneously accommodate new lifestyles and a growing society. With the objectives that reflect the cultural and environmental distinction of the capital, it presents a future with practicality, flexibility, and sustainability that encourages Abu Dhabi Municipality to level up its development principles and ADM approval standards. 

The Urban Structure Framework Plan points out Abu Dhabi’s growth details which were made possible by the started vision. The roadmap of principles that led to setting out comprehensive policies focusing on community upgrades, infrastructures, transportation, and economic enhancement outlines the main building blocks of the plan. This framework helps authorities and relevant departments, investors, contractors, engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi, and other private and public entities to contribute productively and beneficially to the said vision.

DMT established specific approvals systems for each municipality such as Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, and Al Dhafrah Region Municipality developmental projects to efficiently support urban planning. However, the scaled vision and recent plan encompass only the urban region of Abu Dhabi Municipality, as of now. Though, there will be separate developmental plan initiatives for the Al Ain and Al Dhafrah Region Municipalities in the future.

ADM approval for Abu Dhabi Municipality, as where the major enhancements will take place, ensures to strictly set standards and regulations for the near achievement of the vision. The Abu Dhabi Municipality approval standards will be conceptual enough to help approve project proposals quickly and efficiently. The Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 will act as guidelines to determine new developments to ensure they will be consistent and coherent with the objectives of the vision creating a viable urban city. Every comprehensive plan must include a detailed work program, area plans, regulatory guidelines, and zoning will be adequate once approved. 

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April 4, 2021

ADM Regulates Developmental Projects in the City

The capital of the UAE is constant with its ongoing urbanization that includes paving roads for better transportation access, developing modern and sustainable communities, and various upgrades on public spaces and services for the wellbeing of the people. These developmental projects can not be possibly implemented without the ADM approval which strictly regulates and sets standards to assure that the purpose of the projects will benefit the people, the city, and the country. Abu Dhabi Municipality or ADM gives priority to projects that create an ideal modern living environment for residents providing high quality of living experience.

Abu Dhabi Municipality Approval on City Projects

ADM, since it has started its services, has developed a number of key objectives which became the foundation of the notable implementation of development projects over the city. As one of the major authorities of the city, Abu Dhabi Municipality aims to establish modern infrastructure that includes bridges, drainage systems, road networks, modern upgrades on transportation, and the reinforcement of comprehensive development projects focusing on sustainability. The simultaneous stride of the objectives set by the government with the impost ADM approval standards helps to keep moving towards the achievement of the future goals of every city project.

In line with the Abu Dhabi Municipality approval standards and policies which intend to make Abu Dhabi a modern capital city, ADM provides all kinds of approval services for residential, commercial, industrial, and other projects. Following the ADM approval standards are necessary initially on the planning to the construction phase of building projects. These building standards are meant to help the urbanization objectives whilst observing the environmental safety and maintaining the architectural heritage of the country. Abu Dhabi Municipality services also carry inspections of building and construction projects, prepare assessment reports, and follow-ups to assure that contractors and engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi observe building and safety standards.

ADM sits at the center of this urbanization and economic growth. It has the responsibility to regulate urban developments with systems that are integrated with relevant authorities. These authorities provide services including Abu Dhabi Municipality approval through e-services under the DMT portal. It is designed to innovatively transform the environmental and urban improvements of the city in a more accessible, accurate, and easy process. Abu Dhabi, the largest and richest of the seven emirates of the UAE, is indeed in the midst of its advancements and soon will be recognized as one of the modern and sustainable cities in the world.

ADM Approval Services

Abu Dhabi Approvals is a team of professionals, architects, and engineers who are skilled in acquiring authority approvals including Abu Dhabi Municipality approval. We provide professional assistance on business and engineering projects for residential, commercial, and industrial projects in particular with expertise that includes drawing submission, documentation, initial and final inspections, requesting and receiving of No Objection Certificates, authority approvals, and completion certificate. Together with our expert contractor and engineering consultant partners, we are all equipped with skills and experience to carry out a safe and smooth process from the initial planning and design phase, submission and approval process, construction, and completion phase of projects. We believe that our hard work and integrity lead us to gain the trust of our clients, therefore, we aim to continue with our track to impart our expertise in the engineering and construction industry.

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March 4, 2021

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Fire & Life Safety Regulations & Approval

Abu Dhabi is acknowledged as the 2021 safest city in the world and behind this achievement are the high-quality standards of safety and security services provided by the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence. ADCD recognizes the significance of developing its public services and performance aiming to deliver excellence. Its commitment to provide the highest standards of safety and security by complying with international guidelines, procedures, and rules in fire fighting and rescue operations. This government authority also contributes to maintaining safety and security factors for the engineering and construction industry. Its regulations include categorized standards for every kind of structure in different sizes and purposes. 

ADCD Fire & Life Safety Regulations

It is the policy to ensure that the risk of fire is minimized and secure the safety of life and property. 
ADCD approval requirements are intended to impose minimum guidelines for design, construction, modification and installation of buildings, fire detection and protection systems, and life safety concerns as per National Fire Protection Association standards & local regulations. 
The owners, designers, decor companies, consultants, and contractors shall be responsible for compliance with the design standards & code requirements. 
The relevant standards and codes that are used as references shall be declared and affixed on the plan. 
Project submissions to acquire ADCD approval should conform to the following procedure and standard plan format requirements.
Project submissions not conforming to these requirements and standards shall not be reviewed. 

ADCD Approval Required Standard Plans

All project submissions shall conform to the following requirements. 

Drawings must be strictly of A1 size. 

Plans must be strictly on a 1:100 or 1:150 scale. 

All dimensions in the plan must be in Metric units (SI).

Plans must be securely bound, or else submission with loose pages shall not be reviewed. 

Plans must be printed drawings, or else handwritten and hand-drawn submissions shall not be reviewed. 

Project submission must have a cover page with a minimum of 150mm X 60mm space for Abu Dhabi Civil Defence stamping and writing comments. 

Project submission should have detailed floor-wise built-up area calculations. 

Project submission must consist of plans and designs as follows:

Color-coded plans shall be appreciated. 

Built-up area calculations 

Setting out plans

Architectural Floor Plans showing Fire rating of walls, partitions, doors, and windows. Travel distances of all remote corners. 

Maximum diagonal distances of the built-up area. 

Staircase details. 

Fire Alarm System layout, Emergency Lighting System layout, Exit Sign layout & Voice Evacuation System layouts, Fire Fighting System layouts, Fire extinguishers distribution layout, Fire pump, and Firewater tank details with riser diagrams. 

Areas protected by the Gas Suppression Systems must be shown as per Standard Legends. 

Smoke Control System and Pressurization System layout depicting smoke and fire damper locations and riser diagrams. 

Location of LPG System tank and dedicated shafts and layout. 

Specification of Curtain-wall system and Exterior facade details with approved system numbers and references. 

Warehouse and storage project submissions must have a scanned copy of the owner’s undertaking letter of responsibility, listing the materials used and stored, and the type of storage method must also be described. 

Industrial, production, processing, manufacturing, and factory project submissions must have a scanned copy of the description of the functional aspect of the facility, rooms, and the process flow. 

A declaration and undertaking letter from the consultant must be furnished which states that the design of fire systems, LPG systems shall be finalized based on a detailed calculation-based approach from the contractor’s shop drawings. 

Each plan must follow the symbols shown in Abu Dhabi Civil Defence standard legends and must be shown at the right corner of each page. 

For the approval of modification, revision, and alteration of buildings, submission must have an approved floor-wise Existing Building Plans for reference, and Revised Building Plans in a single bunch with highlighted revised areas and revised systems.

It is important to follow these ADCD approval standards and regulations to avoid any delay or even cancellation of projects. Hiring professionals is a great way to a hassle-free Abu Dhabi Civil Defence approval process. Abu Dhabi Approvals is a team of experts in the completion and submission of requirements needed to acquire any kind of engineering project approvals. We provide engineering solutions for a smooth and simplified approval process.

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February 28, 2021

DMT as the Main Abu Dhabi Approval Authority

The UAE is indeed a nation of shifting sands, and in the past 30 years, every single Emirates has seen vast areas of desert arise into pillars of futuristic urban innovation. Abu Dhabi, as the capital Emirate, increases its development projects every year, making every local and international investors and visitors have this feeling of building anticipation. With the remarkable architecture and engineering approach creating one-of-a-kind structures for residential, commercial, transportation, and industrial sectors, the capital is undeniably thundering down the construction industry to urbanization. Major government authorities such as DMT handle every project proposal and approvals ensuring factors such as sustainability, infrastructure capacity, and environmental planning for the development across the Emirate.

What is DMT?

The Department of Municipalities and Transport or DMT, formerly known as the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, is the main government authority that regulates the urban planning and transport sectors of the three regional municipalities of Abu Dhabi. It is the major regulatory entity for the engineering and construction sector of the capital Emirate and its three municipalities Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Al Ain City Municipality, and Al Dhafra Region Municipality or Western Region. The authority maintains high standards for every development project for the Emirates that focus on safety, security, sustainability, and technological innovations.

Approvals, permits, and licenses are needed to start any business or engineering project in Abu Dhabi. DMT, as the main authority that handles the engineering and construction sector or the Emirate, provides specific standard requirements to gain approval on documents, technical drawings, certificates, permits, licenses, and other necessary approvals. The authority provides services that will guide, regulate and monitor every project and development making sure that the standards and regulations are followed. Professionals, consultants, contractors, investors, and other public or private entities involved in any kind of developmental project must comply with every rule and requirement the Department of Municipalities and Transport and other relevant authorities impost.

Abu Dhabi Approvals DMT Approval Services

There are certain requirements and processes which a client might not be familiar with or they might have a hard time completing in a limited schedule. Well, it is probably the right time to hire a professional team to help you with DMT approval. A team of expert consultants, contractors, and designers will make sure to carry out a hassle-free process for your business and engineering projects

Abu Dhabi Approvals is a group of professionals, architects, and engineers who are skilled in approval services which include drawing submission, 2D drafting, 3D rendering and visualizations, space planning, interior designing, and documentations, requesting and receiving NOC and approvals from authorities, initial and final inspections, and completion certificate. We offer assistance on business and engineering projects, particularly for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our team is versatile and innovatively skilled in Engineering and Architecture with expertise in Civil, Structural, Construction, MEP, Villa Design, Interior Design, and Project Management which gives us the advantage to complete a project within the given time-frame. We aim to provide a one-stop engineering solution to accurately simplify the process of DMT approval for our clients.

We also have an expert team of contractors, designers, and engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi, who are always ready to carry out a safe and smooth process for your projects from the planning and design phase, submission and approval process, and construction up to the completion phase. Instead of resting on what is already here, Abu Dhabi Approvals team believes that there is plenty more to come on the back of new technologies and innovation. We will help the Department of Municipalities and Transport with their aim to enhance municipal works and projects to provide accurate and a broader scope of services that create high-quality living standards for residents and visitors through the thorough supervision and management of the municipalities.

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