Obtain Common Construction NOC in Abu Dhabi

How to Obtain Common Construction NOC in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Approvals

January 31, 2022

The Abu Dhabi Municipality services cater to a range of municipal approval solutions to make utilities, infrastructure, and construction projects and activities eased while maintaining excellence in every aspect. Platforms were created to unify the process of Municipal Approvals, Abu Dhabi Building Permit, and No Objection Certificate transactions across the three municipalities of Abu Dhabi Emirate. The emirate’s service program benefits all types of applicants and requesting entities including citizens, contractors, developers, consultants, government, and semi-government entities. Through the various simplified permitting systems, such as the Common NOC Solution for utilities and infrastructure in Abu Dhabi Emirate, it has become efficient for clients and approval service providers to file a request and acquire No Objection Certificates in Abu Dhabi.

All about Common No Objection Certificates Solution in Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Municipalities No Objection Certificates Program of Utilities & Infrastructure solution facilitates a common platform for applying NOC acquisition for all permits, and approvals necessary in the building and construction and utilities and infrastructure sector in the Emirate. The initiative of creating and implementing this solution has aimed to achieve the most substantial and feasible simplification along with a standardized list of requirements for successful transactions with swift and unified procedures able to strengthen the engineering and construction industry. 

Moreover, it provides beneficial guidelines and instructions on documentation, with the objective of facilitating an easier and notable user experience. The systematical service operation through the municipalities indeed provided opportunities to point out further areas for enhancement and development with the intent of strengthening the solution and procedures by experience procured and lessons learned from actual implementation. To obtain a common NOC for utilities and infrastructure, especially in Abu Dhabi Municipality, needs the assurance of compliance to applicable building permits laws and regulations. 

NOC Service Category Classification

  1. Core services, where approvals, permits, and No Objection Certificate transactions, may it be standard and expedited, are initiated through this service for a range of types of projects and activities that necessitate such types of transactions.
  2. Complementary services that supplement the main services within integrated operations.
  3. Corporate support services, include inquiries, complaints, change requests, and violations and claims. 

The NOC acquisition platform uses a wide range of channels for effective communication between users. An implied notification for users is also provided across the service phases in the processing and management of transactions. The provision of advanced reports and analysis can be availed as per-user profiles, also on the individual transaction level, for clusters of transactions, and up to the high level of comprehensive analysis intended for performance guide, planning, execution, and decision making.

Two-Step Process and Prerequisites to Complete the NOC Application Submittal

Step 1. Submittal of Basic Information  
Limited to administrative information regarding the applicant and the project owner, the transaction type, and basic information of the proposed project such as name and location.

Step 2. Entry of Detailed Information
Requires the registration of the detailed information including the upload of technical information and drawing file attachments.

This two-step submittal process aims to achieve two objectives. The first is to implement business regulations structured into the service system between the two steps. The basic information submitted in the first step only identifies the information and documents that are actually significant for the completion of the transaction which needs to be submitted in the second step, including the individual requirements of specifically concerned entities. And second is to electronically deliver the application to the particular authority to release the authorization, which is needed to proceed and conclude the NOC submittal process. The timeframe of the authorization process usually takes a few minutes to a few days, depending on the transaction type. 

Abu Dhabi Authorities Providing NOC

The program involves a variety of Abu Dhabi authorities from a wide range of sectors, which are responsible for the provision of permits and approvals pertaining to building, construction, and infrastructure development projects, custodian entities of utilities and infrastructure assets, regulators and government entities, and developers, as well as No Objection Certificates requesters who could be individuals, businesses such as contractors, consultants, and developers, or government entities. Listed below are the Abu Dhabi Approval authorities included in the program.

  1. Department of Municipal Affairs - DMA
  2. Abu Dhabi Municipality - ADM
  3. Al Ain City Municipality - AAM
  4. Western Region Municipality - WRM
  5. Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council - UPC
  6. General Headquarters of the Armed Forces - GHQ
  7. Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters
  8. Abu Dhabi Monitoring & Control Center - ADMCC
  9. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company - ADNOC
  10. Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation - ENEC
  11. Department of Transport - DoT
  12. Abu Dhabi Ports Company - ADPC
  13. Abu Dhabi Airports Company - ADAC
  14. Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority - ADWEA
  15. Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company - ADSSC
  16. National Central Cooling Company PJSC - TABREED
  17. Emirates Telecommunications Corporation - Etisalat
  18. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company - Du
  19. Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council - ADQCC
  20. Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority - ADATCH
  21. Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi - EAD
  22. Etihad Rail
  23. The Center of Waste Management - AD Tadweer
  24. Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones - ZonesCorp
  25. Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Center - ADSIC


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