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One of the responsibilities of the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company or ADDC is to provide the highest quality of comfort to the society every day throughout the coldest to the hottest season of the year as the major distributor of energy in the capital Emirates. The company always operates in harmony and care with the community trying to plan and maintain proper distribution of water and electricity services to customers in Abu Dhabi, strengthening its technical expertise and excellent customer-care solutions. ADDC is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company or TAQA dedicated to becoming a leading water and electricity distribution company, and ensuring that people can live and work conveniently.



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What is Abu Dhabi Distribution Company Approval?

The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company holds a substantial public service responsibility that makes it put more attention on enhancing its services. It strives to sustainably distribute electricity and water and understands the effect of each service on the community. ADDC public service keeps getting better through continuous innovation and a sustainable distribution network. The objectives aims to build a smart, sustainable, integrated, safe, reliable, cost-effective, and rationalized services to deliver the needs of resource.

To make sure that its services meet the requirements of the regulatory system, ADDC provided a set of standards of service approvals regarding water and electricity distribution and MEP in Abu Dhabi. ADDC approval for water and electricity services gives an opportunity to Abu Dhabi residents to have a quality, satisfying, and comfortable living and working environment. Abu Dhabi Distribution Company approval services ensure a high level of commitment and comply with environmental, health, and safety standards of the Department of Energy.

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company services include but are not limited to:
Connection of Water Services
Water Demand Notification
Internal Water Supply Drawings Approval
Permanent Water Connection
Internal Water Supply Inspection
Water Supply Activation
Additional Water Meter
Upgrading Water Meter
Temporary Water Connection
Extension and Connection of Electricity Services
Load Demand Notification
Approval of Electrical Drawings
Permanent Cable Termination
Inspection of Internal Electricity Wiring
Activation of Electrical Services
Additional Electricity Meter
Electricity Load Upgrade
Connection of a Temporary Electricity Line
Temporary Connection for Condolence Tent

Common Requirements for Water Services
Schematic diagram
Architectural approval drawings that include levels only
Daily demand calculations
Meters Schedule
Floor plans for projects including internal meters
Approved water plan
Approved meters schedule

Common Requirements for Electricity Services
Electrical Wiring diagram
Table of Electrical Loads Details
Architectural Schemes Approval
Approved Electrical Room or Transformer Plan
Proposed Plan of Civil Works
Table of Electrical Meters
Project Floor Plans that include Internal Meters only
Approved Electricity Drawings
Switchgear Supply Certificate used for the Project in Distribution Boards
Electrical Tests Certificate issued by Regulation and Supervision Bureau
Inspection Report issued by Regulation and Supervision Bureau
Electrical Connections Tests Report issued by Regulation and Supervision Bureau
Authenticated Electricity Contractor Contract by Ministry of Labor

Abu Dhabi Approvals team is a licensed engineering company that provides the best engineering solutions to help complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire Abu Dhabi Distribution Company Approval for commercial as well as residential water and electricity connection for our clients.


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