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Introducing the Abu Dhabi Construction City ADCC

Abu Dhabi Approvals

December 20, 2021

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi - KIZAD introduced its expanded product offerings available through the launching of its newest free zone cluster, the Abu Dhabi Construction City - ADCC. The major industrial zone dedicated this cluster for the amplification of the manufacture, import, storage, and distribution of construction materials in the country. The expansion was made to reality as a swift response to the growing demand of UAE’s construction sector. Prebuilt warehouses and Light Industrial Units or LIU are ready and made suitably for manufacturing, processing, assembling, and fabrication works. The steadfast response given by the authorities intensifies the progress of the quality capabilities of the government to acknowledge the needs of distributors, manufacturers, shippers, and logistics companies establishing ventures in the UAE.

What is Abu Dhabi Construction City?

Abu Dhabi Construction City sits at the center of a fast diversifying region and the home to some of the world’s most exciting and celebrated architectural and infrastructural developments and some of the world’s highest, sustainable growth rates. ADCC is a new free zone with warehouses that will cater to trading and export companies, third-party logistics, freight forwarders, and distributors. It is situated within the jurisdiction of KIZAD Logistics City, and next to Khalifa Port. There are pre-built adaptable light industrial units that will serve various light manufacturing businesses and workshops. These facilities will serve to enhance KIZAD’s service value encouraging growth across local and regional trades. Despite the expanded quality services are the lowest utility costs and the affluence of doing business for investors establishing a presence in the UAE.

What does Abu Dhabi Construction City offer?

Adaptable Facilities
ADCC offers a variety of adaptable facilities varying from warehouses to light industrial units built with high power capacity yet cost-efficient for air-conditioning and cold storage, reliable safety features, and many more.

High Standard Warehouses 
These facilities are built with mezzanine offices with seven-meter height to eaves, integrated fire, and safety features. Included in the attributes is a dedicated loading area for each unit and raised floors for easier loading tasks.

Light Industrial Units
The LIUs comprising a full area of 31,000 square meters come with suitable power capacity for industrial ventures, competitive utility costs, six meters height to eaves, and fire alarm and sprinkler systems. 

Flexible Modular Units
With sizes ranging from 320 to 1,148 square meters which can be merged for larger requirements.

Transportation Access
Abu Dhabi Construction City is located in the area of KIZAD which is known to be one of the most accessible industrial zones of the Emirate. The zone is adjacent to the Khalifa Port known to be a fast-growing logistics hub. Newly developed roads and existing highways provide uncongested access for the truck routes across locations. ADCC is also a close-range away from the major airports such as Dubai International, Al Maktoum International, and Al Ain Airport.

KIZAD presents ADCC to the Construction Industry

The UAE construction industry remains resilient even with market changes and trade challenges caused by external factors. However, the offered industrial facilities such as KIZAD and ADCC allow ventures in the sector of progress. Construction and engineering companies in Abu Dhabi are working up with developmental projects that focus on tourism-related projects, commercial infrastructure, and transportation development. These ventures need a cost-effective and interconnected construction infrastructure to effectively support the growth and demand of the industry. Many major construction companies have already set up business in KIZAD Abu Dhabi Construction City since its launch in 2018. Occupying storage and logistics facilities to accommodate and allocate construction materials to large-scale industrial, modular, and commercial projects across the country and the GCC region. Business ventures in the area benefit from the easy access to the thriving market with trades having available to local and international connections. 


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