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Abu Dhabi Approvals Team are experts in acquiring DMT Approval with quality engineering solutions, assistance, and other authority approval services.

The Department of Municipalities and Transport or DMT was founded to be responsible for governing the urban planning and transport sectors of the three regional municipalities of the capital Emirate of the UAE. The department ensures the high-quality standards of safety, security, sustainability, and technological innovations of land, air, and maritime transport networks of Abu Dhabi, in line with the highest international standards and the UAE legislation. As the government entity in charge of supporting the growth and urban development of Abu Dhabi, the DMT, and its services will guide, regulate and monitor urban development activities. It aims on enhancing municipal works to provide an accurate and broad scope of services and create high-quality living standards for residents through the comprehensive supervision and management of the municipalities.

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What is the DMT Approval?

The Department of Municipalities and Transport or DMT mandates urban planning and transportation sectors, and the regulatory authority for the engineering and construction sector of Abu Dhabi, with three subsidiary regulatory authorities that include the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, the Municipality of Al Ain City, and the Municipality of Al Dhafra Region. 

This department mandates its building and construction sector to supervise the preparation, development, and implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System by the building and construction sector entities. It also monitors the implementation of the building and construction sector entities to the requirements of the general framework of the Abu Dhabi Occupational Safety and Health System and its compliance with it.

Department of Municipalities and Transport Services

The services are divided into three types of customer segments which include a Business segment for any Abu Dhabi based private organization or government entity, a consumer segment for any local and expat individual parties in Abu Dhabi, the professional segment for any contractor, consultant, and developer, and investor segment for real estate, retail, kiosk, and outdoor advertising investors. Options are also categorized into various types of development project services such as building permits, land and properties, classification, spatial data, planning development approvals, urban planning and infrastructure, and many more.

Common Requirements to Acquire Abu Dhabi Approval
Trade license copy of the Tenant, Trade name reservation, or Initial trade license copy can be accepted
NOC from the building owner, real estate, or management
Affection plan or plot drawing
Existing and proposed drawings according to new requirements

Common Required Drawings for Abu Dhabi Approval
Key plan
Existing floor plan
Proposed floor plan
Flooring layout
Ceiling layout
Furniture or equipment layout
Existing sprinkler layout
Proposed sprinkler layout
Existing smoke or heat detector layout
Proposed smoke or heat detector layout
Existing emergency & exit light layout
Proposed emergency & exit light layout


Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire DMT Approval related to engineering projects of our clients.


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