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Importance of ADAFSA Preliminary Approval on Food Establishment

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July 17, 2021

Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority is committed to continuously develop safety regulations and comprehensive procedures in line with other government authorities and departments with the vision to guarantee safety standards on food supply from local and international channels. ADAFSA Food Control Sector is responsible for implementing laws and regulations related to food safety in Abu Dhabi, in coordination with other relevant authorities. Food facilities like factories, hotels, catering companies, or any food establishment like restaurants and cafes need preliminary approvals from ADAFSA. This authority will require that the premises must meet the specific requirements and standards to acquire permits and approvals.

How to Get Food Establishment Preliminary Approval from ADAFSA

The ADAFSA Control Sector is responsible for implementing the compliance to food safety standards of food establishments and productions in Abu Dhabi. The sector is always committed to conveying the premier services to its strategic affiliates. They also provide awareness programs and consultations to ensure food safety throughout the food chain. Based on Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority Regulation concerning Food Hygiene throughout the Food Chain, the guidelines will assist the food industry to comply with the requirements and standards related to the Food establishment’s layout, design, construction, and size of the food establishment.

What is Food Service Design and Equipment under ADAFSA Approval?

Food safety approval begins at the initial planning phases, the appropriate design will help to provide proper food establishments that are easy to clean and maintain, and facilitate safe food production. The installation of features for food safety practice solutions at the time of construction is a cost-effective scheme. Thie foodservice design and equipment guidelines denote ADAFSA approval standards on the design and layout. In some instances, food business operators can use an equivalent or alternative approach, as long as it satisfies the requirements of the applicable regulations.

Request To Issue Preliminary Approval

This service provides access to ADAFSA Approval Requests for the Food Establishment location to ensure compliance with the safety regulations and standards and review the Food Service Design and Equipment to ensure the proper workflow and food safety production. The service duration may take up to 2 working days and a fee amounting to AED 200 under the E-Dirham payment method.

Submit the required documents through the available ADAFSA service channels.
Pay the applicable fees. 
Print the certification.

Required Documents:
ID card
Site plan
Original Official Letter from the License Provider

Significance of Proper Food Establishment Design

The proper layout design of food establishments should integrate food safety guidelines and regulations up to the construction, completion, and maintenance phase. Also, there is required maintenance for environmental conditions such as the inclusion of temperature and humidity controls that will provide appropriate conditions for food process and production, and lessen the risk of contamination. Buildings and facilities for food production should be designed to provide partition, separate areas for specific operations that may cause cross-contamination. Proper workflow of operations must be considered to allow hygienic procedures from receipt to storage, preparation or processing, production, and packaging then final product to serving or storing. The design should also be suitable to conditions for processing. Permit good food hygiene practices, including protection against cross-contamination, pest access, and infestation. Easily allow for sufficient maintenance and cleaning operations and sound hygienic control at all the stages of production or serving.


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