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Get in touch with Abu Dhabi Approvals team to set up your commercial or industrial business in KIZAD and acquire swift Kizad approval and other permits from relevant authorities.

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi or KIZAD is a special economic zone in Abu Dhabi that offers industrial zone infrastructures, environment, and operation opportunities to maintain and develop local and international business setups. It provides exclusive benefits like spacious size, world-class infrastructure, free zone and non-free zone solutions, dedicated investor support, tax-free environment with competitive operating costs, and strategic location with access to local and international trades. KIZAD also extends to the needs of everyday life in the Business District area with various facilities such as mosques, hospitals, banks, hotel apartments, civil defense, associated retail, food and beverage outlets as well as other related community facilities and services to meet the daily demands of people living and working in the zone. The KLP or KIZAD’s Logistics Park offer non-free zone warehouses ready to be leased which gives a practical choice for setting up operations. These services contribute to make KIZAD one of the world’s leading port-integrated industrial zones and a prime hub for manufacturing, logistics, and trade across multiple sectors.

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What is KIZAD Approval?

KIZAD proposes accessibility to suppliers, customers, and other business organizations to ensure that manufacturing, trade, and logistics gain long-term benefit. This special economic zone is planned to be a greenfield development that is designed for socio-economic sustainability and long-term industrial growth. In order to organize every development project within its jurisdiction, a standardized system is created for certain approvals, permits, and licenses in coordination with Abu Dhabi Ports, and Abu Dhabi Municipality or ADM to be attained prior to any business setup or developmental project.

KIZAD Services and Offers

Khalid Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi has prebuilt warehouses and offices with service land plots within the free zone and more business location opportunities in the Business District Centre. Developments for these infrastructures for business setups need KIZAD approval before anything else. A set of new standards were impost to maintain the objectives of the zone and continue to provide quality services to everyone. Abu Dhabi Ports, Civil Defence, and ADM are the main authorities to provide relevant approvals, permits, and licenses for engineering projects in KIZAD. 

KIZAD services include but are not limited to:
Company Registration and Licensing
Land Leasing
Prebuilt Free Zone Warehouses and Offices
Prebuilt Non-Free Zone Offices
Light Industrial Units
Business District Centres

Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire KIZAD Approval related to engineering projects of our clients.


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