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ADDC Standards On Al Ain Water Distribution Project Design

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April 19, 2022

The objective of these design guidelines is to establish a custom and standard design process for Al Ain water distribution networks in accordance with the standardized requirements of RSB, ADWEA, AADC, and the high-quality engineering systems in the water supply industry. Al Ain Distribution Company collected these design guidelines and elaborated the related design standards and sources in a single document providing supplemental details to the standard requirements of the said authorities. The designers, contractors, and engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi must possess a proper knowledge of the relevant regulations impost in the capital Emirate including authorized standards and regulations that should be followed such as Design Guidelines compliance with RSB requirements. And are obliged to be updated on the latest or future versions of the guidelines to avoid confusion prior to the design phase. 

AADC Standards And Design Procedures

The water distribution system in Al Ain requires standards that are being implemented by Al Ain Distribution Company and other relevant authorities to ensure that AADC approval can be attained. Thus, designers, contractors, and engineering consultants are obligated to understand and comply with the standards that may affect the water system design. It is their responsibility to reflect the principles in the process of planning, design, construction, and operation. The design of Al Ain water distribution networks shall be accomplished by a designer, or consulting company registered and approved by ADWEA for performing such projects. 

The compliance with the implemented standards and specifications of the authorities shall be reflected in the detailed design and tender documents. Only approved contractors and subcontractors can carry out all the construction work at the site. In addition, all the specified and used materials in water supply projects in Al Ain shall also be from the authority-approved suppliers in the vendor list.

AADC Project Design Stages And Deliverables

There are three main stages of water distribution network design that specify the standard process that designers must comply with.

A. Preliminary Design Stage
The estimates of water demand for the new projects or developments shall be submitted for Al Ain Distribution Company approval before the initiation of the preliminary design of water networks. Note that a preliminary design report shall include the following points:

  1. Scope of Works; Project Objectives; and Project Area
  2. Proposed Design Criteria; and Design Assumptions
  3. Technical and financial evaluation of the potential design options and recommendations.
  4. Implemented surveys and investigations
  5. Calculation of water demand and analysis of hydraulics using appropriate software.
  6. The tapping points to the AADC system, material, route, and pipeline sizes, DMA boundaries, DMA feeding points, required pressure, and flow at tapping points must be included in the layout of the proposed networks.    
  7. Details of cost estimates.
  8. The construction stages and phases and time frame for project design.
  9. Risk Analysis Report
  10. Evaluate the possible design options through the application of appropriate Optimized Decision Making (ODM) tools such as Whole Life Cycle Analysis. 

B. Detailed Design Stage
The designers shall carry on to the detailed design stage and submit the detailed design report after the Al Ain Distribution Company Approval of the preliminary design stage. The report shall dispute in additional detail the topics as discussed during the preliminary design report which focuses more on the potential design options. Furthermore, the report needs to integrate AADC comments on the previous design stages including the following.

  1. Integration of the received comments on the previous design stages.
  2. Dispute the potential design options to be applied in a more detailed approach.
  3. Provide a detailed hydraulic analysis using appropriate software.
  4. The layout drawings of the proposed water networks shall include the location of chambers and other water facilities, the location of protection to pipelines, and road crossings.
  5. Pipeline Profile.
  6. Standard Detail Drawings.
  7. Structural calculations for buildings and water facilities such as chambers and structures, etc.
  8. Detailed Cost Estimate.
  9. Identification and assessment of related risks and risk treatment.
  10. Value Engineering Assessment.

C. Tender Document
A standard tender document for Al Ain water projects includes five volumes as follows:

Volume 1
Conditions of Contract

Hard and soft format of the Conditions of Contract shall be prepared by using the latest AADC template and format for Volume 1 of the tender documents which can be obtained from AADC.

Volume 2

  1. Soft format of ADWEA standard specifications.
  2. Hard and soft format of the Particular Specifications.
  3. Hard and soft format of the Technical data sheets with specific fields properly filled by the designer.
  4. Soft format of the latest ADWEA Approved Vendor List for suppliers, such list can be obtained from AADC.

Volume 3
Bill of Quantities

  1. Hard and soft format of the preamble to the Bill of Quantities.
  2. Hard and soft format of the Bill of Quantities.

The basis of the B of Q and the preamble shall be on ADWEA standards specifications.

Volume 4
Tender drawings

  1. Hard and soft format of the List of Drawings.
  2. Hard and soft format of the Project Area and Keymap for Layout Drawings.
  3. Hard and soft format of the Layout of Water Networks.
  4. Hard and soft format of the Pipeline Profile with sizes 300 mm and above or as per AADC requirements.
  5. Hard and soft format of the Standard Detail Drawings.

The basis of the tender drawings shall be on ADWEA standard detailed drawings included in the waterworks standard specifications and on AADC Standard detail drawings.

Volume 5
Health and Safety, Quality Manual

The hard and soft format of the Health and Safety, Quality Manual shall be prepared by using the AADC template and format which can be obtained from AADC.

Note that if the scope of the designer does not include the preparation of a tender document such as for the projects designed for the third party, then the designer shall submit a construction document that includes the most of the parts covered in a tender document that specifying the works to be constructed and allow proper supervision of the construction stage.


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