Revision of the Initial and Shop Drawing Plans for ADCD Approval

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Initial and Shop Drawing Plans Revision

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June 12, 2021

The vital elements of ensuring the safety and security of all kinds of structures and their premises before and after construction are the effective monitoring and control of standards and regulations implemented by relevant authorities. On top of these, it is important to observe the standards to gain ADCD approval for the initial and shop drawing review and approval and revision approval. Abu Dhabi Civil Defence is one of the authorities that provide approvals on shop drawing plans and revisions ensuring that fire, life, and safety features and other new project designs comply with the local codes and standards.

Revision of the Initial and Shop Drawing Plans for ADCD Approval

Engineering consultants, professionals, and companies with a House of Expertise license from ADCD impart on the reviewal and approval process of drawing compliance with the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice or UFC and the National Protection Protection Association requirements. The following are guidelines observed by the House of Expertise in the review, verification, and approval process for Revision of Initial and Shop Drawing Plans for any kind of structures or facilities impost by Abu Dhabi Civil Defence.

A sufficient number of drawings complying with the requirements for submission.
Drawings’ level of contents and format must be in line with Abu Dhabi Civil Defence guidelines.
The design must observe the enforced code requirements.

Issues might be found during the initial drawing review submission which will be marked upon the drawings or a report showing the faults found in the design. These inadequacies must be focused on and cautiously rectified for resubmission. After it passed the third-party reviewal process from the House of Expertise, then the ADCD approval will be acquired.

Fire Systems Included in Shop Drawing Review and Approval Submission

Initial and Shop Drawing Review and Approval submission usually cover all the systems which include the following.
Life Safety
Fire Alarm System
Fire Protection System
Emergency Lighting System
Smoke Control System
LPG System

Detailed cladding drawing reviews from the House of Expertise can also be included to acquire ADCD approval. 
The following are guidelines for Cladding drawings review. 

Drawings review of the exterior facade assembly system.
Evaluation of site condition and site survey for the proposed external wall assembly system.
Test certificates and test reports review for proposed exterior facade materials.
Engineering Judgement provision on the exterior facade wall assembly system based on the field condition and approval acquisition from concerned authorities.
Recommendation for modification on either design or installation as per Abu Dhabi Civil Defence approval requirement.
Comments and recommendations provision needed on the existing approved drawings for the proposed exterior facade wall system proposed for the building.
Review and third-party certification provision of the design drawing of the exterior facade wall assembly system proposed for the building.

AD Approvals offers assistance on reviewal of Initial and Shop Drawing Plans including Revisions to acquire hassle-free third-party approval from the House of Expertise and swift ADCD approval. Our prevention and safety engineers review drawing plans for proposed new buildings and as-built to examine the safety aspects of every structure before the Initial and Shop Drawing Plans Review, Revision, and Approval submission to Abu Dhabi Civil Defence and relevant authorities and departments.


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