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May 29, 2021

Every business entity in Abu Dhabi must possess certain approvals, permits, and licenses before they can start their ventures. The same goes with the engineering and construction industry which also requires particular approvals, permits, and licenses prior to and subsequent to their commencement of work.  For example, the Engineering consultants and the contractors in Abu Dhabi must first have the Classification License that will allow them to work in a specific project sector, size, and purpose within the city. Abu Dhabi approval standards are set up, too, to ensure the significance and suitability of projects before the issuance of permits, licenses, or documents. These requirements can be acquired depending on the location of the project.

Required Building Permits and Licenses in Abu Dhabi

The Department of Transport and Municipalities or DMT approval services provide flexible access to the process of acquiring approvals, permits, and licenses. DMT package of comprehensive digital services includes access to the approval process and building permit acquisition for projects in the Abu Dhabi Municipality, the Al Ain Municipality, or the Al Dhafrah Region Municipality. There are project requirements and details that may differ from each municipality, however, contractors have the same general list. Building works must comply with relevant standards and requirements to gain some permits from Abu Dhabi government entities regarding utilities.

Permits and Licenses

Civil Works Permit that includes works prior to any groundworks.
Building Permit that requires obtained approvals from relevant authorities.
Building Completion Certificate.

List of Common Authority Approvals

Urban Planning Council or UPC approval is subjected to time limits such as Individual Projects for within 2 years and Master Plans for within 3 years.
Preliminary Environment Review or PER.
License from the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency.
Abu Dhabi Municipality or ADM approval for Abu Dhabi City Municipality.
Al Ain Municipality approval for Al Ain City Municipality.
Al Dhafrah Municipality approval for Al Dhafrah Region Municipality or Western Region.
Department of Transport Permit from the Integrated Transport Center or ITC approval associated with the access road and internal road network following the submission of a traffic effects study.
Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre approval on Disposal and Hazardous Waste Plan.
Abu Dhabi Distribution Company or ADDC approval for water and electricity.
Telecommunications Permit fro Etisalat or DU.
Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company or ADSSC approval for sewerage services.

Acquire No Objection Certificate or NOC From Relevant Authorities

Abu Dhabi Civil Defence or ADCD approval
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company or ADNOC depending on the purpose of the project.
Abu Dhabi Centre for Culture and Heritage or ADCCH.
Abu Dhabi Airports Company or ADAC.
The Critical National Infrastructure Authority, and the UAE Armed Forces, or other Abu Dhabi government entities.

Submission Process 

Building Permit request application.
Submission of required documents.
Payment of fees and charges.
Issuance of Permits, Licenses, and Certificates.

Request, submissions, and payments will be processed through the DMT approval digital service portal. This is a general requirements list and the information provided may vary on the type, size, purpose, location of the project, and as per government amendments and updates. 

AD Approvals offers assistance on the process of document completion, submission, and acquisition of Authority approvals, building permits, and certificates needed for engineering projects in Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, and Al Dhafrah Region Municipality following the rules and regulations under DMT approval and other relevant Authorities and departments. We provide smooth and hassle-free services for residential or villa projects, industrial buildings, multistorey buildings, and public buildings in Abu Dhabi.


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