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Significance of Abu Dhabi Building Codes to AEC Industry

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June 10, 2022

Building Codes which is an arrangement of composed construction regulations that enable the development principles for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) projects in the capital Emirate and are modified from the International Codes issued by the International Codes Council. This comprehensive guide to the International Codes validated its effectiveness as it guided the designers, builders, and regulators on the proper application and compliance of the codes. The adaptation of the new codes has set the bar for the development of the Emirates with the help of the workgroups representing different stakeholders and representation from the Emirate’s three municipalities.

ADCD Approvals Requires Compliance with Abu Dhabi Building Codes

The Building Codes are substantial for all private and commercial construction projects in Abu Dhabi. Property owners of existing projects in the city and its outskirts must submit an application for any upgrades to be done to the existing building. Such application for any adjustments or augmentations will be granted approvals from relevant authorities in compliance with the codes. Entities which are not accordant with the set codes will be responsible for penalties. The compliance prerequisites for new building codes include diverse features which may contribute to the advancement towards accomplishing Abu Dhabi 2030. To gain ADCD Approval on NOC and Inspection on projects strictly implement consistency on the particular codes suitable for the works needed, especially on securing safety in all aspects of the project.

Abu Dhabi International Building Code      
These codes establish minimum requirements for prescriptive and performance-related provisions which are founded on diverse principles suitable for the use of new materials, building designs, and methods of construction focusing on local conditions.

Abu Dhabi International Energy Conservation Code
Mainly in line with the Estidama Program which aims to innovate all new buildings in UAE more environmentally reliable and sustainable through the implementation of energy-efficient standards for the overall design.

Abu Dhabi International Private Sewage Disposal Code
Focuses on the safe installation of effective sewage systems.

Abu Dhabi International Property Maintenance Code
Contains standards on the maintenance of existing buildings and highlights minimum building prerequisites for maintenance of equipment, light, ventilation, cooling, drainage, sanitary, protection against elements of nature, fire and hazards, and the safety of life.

Abu Dhabi International Accessibility Standards
Lay out technical standards for building and facility designs for an effortless access of People of Determination.

Abu Dhabi International Fuel Gas Code
Ensures regulated design and installation of gas and gas-fired systems and clear implementation and compliance with the set requirements.

Abu Dhabi International Mechanical Code
Emphasizes the proper standards for design, installation, maintenance, and inspections of mechanical systems installed to regulate the environment in buildings and facilities.

AD Approvals ensures to provide full approval services and assistance in the documentation,  drawing completion, and submission in compliance with the regulations and standards of  Abu Dhabi Building Codes to effectively acquire ADCD Approval, and other relevant authorities approvals. Contact us for more details.


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