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Reem Developers Approval

Get Reem Developers Approval for residentials, commercial, hospitality, and infrastructure projects in Al Reem Island with the help of AD Approvals experts.

Reem Developers is one of the prime developers in Abu Dhabi and the authorized entity of Al Reem Island that contributes to the capital’s refined cityscape in accordance with the Emirate’s 2030 vision. It delivers pristine quality projects, building symbolic masterpieces that are crafted with creativity, efficiency, and functionality. Their projects redefine vital living in serene locations with the presence of unified natural aesthetics and innovation. With their diversified project profiles in acclaimed communities namely Rawdhat Abu Dhabi, Najmat Abu Dhabi, and Nalaya villas, the quality of conceptual essence established a bar of standards. 

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What is Reem Developers Approval?

Reem Developers, a leading UAE property developer, aims to build Abu Dhabi's landmark urban developments with the highest quality of innovation yet valuing tradition and maintaining the beauty and safety of the capital Emirate’s natural environment. Every developmental project within the community jurisdiction of Rawdhat Abu Dhabi, Najmat Abu Dhabi, and Nalaya villas requires the Reem Developers approval to ensure compliance with the key standards and regulations. The authority mandates the approvals on the ongoing development of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, commercial, residential, hospitality, and communal facilities in all three major communities.

AD Approvals offer assistance in acquiring approvals, NOCs, and permits required for residential, commercial, hospitality, and communal facility construction projects in Al Reem Island from Reem Developers. We begin approval services by complying with the set of policies, rules, and regulations for the acquisition of Reem Developers approval, NOC, permits, and inspection services from relevant authorities and departments that are well-stated to effectively start business and construction ventures within the island.

Reem Developer Approval Services

AD Approvals offers services in acquiring approvals from Reem Developers and relevant authorities and departments such as UT Technology and Bunya, such services include but are not limited to the following:

UTT Approval

UT Technology provides real estate and developmental projects a unique and innovative solution to become a more modernized community. UTT approval and solution establishes a community for all automation, entertainment, and telecommunication services, integrated with building management system and facility management system to maximize the customer experience, enhance security and safety.

UTT Building Plan Approval and Inspection
Here is a list of projects that are subjected to UTT Building Plan Approval and Inspection.
    Towers 1-50 storey
    Commercial Building
    Office Complex
    GSM Site
    Commercial Complex
    Utility Building
    Mosque and/or Imam House
    Hospital and/or Clinic

Bunya Construction Permits and NOC Requirements

It is mandatory to obtain the necessary approvals, permits, and licenses from the competent authorities for any construction activities, infrastructure, or buildings within the jurisdiction of Al Reem Island. 

Most of the permits and No Objection Certificates or NOC applications and submittals related to projects in Al Reem Island shall be directed through Bunya and Reem Developers or other Master Developers, and relevant authorities such as Abu Dhabi Municipality.

The Contractor must obtain a No Objection Certificate or Letter from Bunya to implement any works within the zone that may impact existing infrastructure assets on Al Reem Island. 

The client shall address the relevant Master Developer to obtain their approval and/or NOC to the proposed projects and works, prior to applying for Bunya’s NOC process and approval.

The NOC applications should be submitted to Bunya ensuring the full submission
of the required documents.

Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain NOC, permits, and licenses needed to acquire Reem Developers Approval for engineering projects in Al Reem Island.


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