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Our expertise includes providing engineering services to gain ITC Abu Dhabi approval from Integrated Transport Centre and DMT for your development and construction projects in the capital Emirate.

The Integrated Transport Centre or ITC was established for easier access to any relevant regulations for transportation and road services. It is a government entity that is affiliated and supervised by the Department of Municipalities and Transport. ITC Abu Dhabi authority is responsible for any operations regarding public transport, managing parking spaces, traffic monitoring centers, axle weights stations, and logistical facilities of freight surface transport and roads sector in accordance with the approved transport plans in which improves the quality of services offered in the sector.

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What is Integrated Transport Centre Approval?

ITC Abu Dhabi services include approvals, permits, and licenses for projects related to roads, right of ways, and other relevant to public transport and roads are enhanced to support the objectives of the Abu Dhabi government to create a balanced and comprehensive development that will nurture an intelligent, integrated, and sustainable transport sector in the capital Emirate. The authority impost regulations and approval services aiming to implement infrastructure projects according to the highest safety standards and practices that will result in the safety of the public. It also organizes the construction work in the right of way and the traffic detours that it results in. The regulation and services address the required rules and procedures that must be followed during the execution of construction work to avoid fines and violations.

Integrated TransportCentre Approval Services

Our team can help those who are seeking ITC permits for temporary usage of the Right of Way or need to have minor road diversions for engineering and construction purposes to secure the safety of the public and to not damage public and private facilities or infrastructures. Integrated Transport Centre approvals cover diverting main and subsidiary roads, occupying parts of the right-of-way, protecting utility lines, and moving heavy vehicles during prohibited times in coordination with the Department of Municipalities and Transport services.

ITC Abu Dhabi Approval includes but is not limited to:

Apply for a permit to use the road right of way
Request for an installation permission of temporary signboards of the project on the Right of Way
Request for an installation permission of a temporary line of the project on the Right of Way
Request for permission of a temporary entrance/exit of the project

Common Requirements ITC Abu Dhabi Approval
Site Plan
Consultant Assignment Letter
Drawings, Plans and Studies, and Method Statements

Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire ITC Approval related to engineering projects of our clients.


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