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Department of Health Approval

Abu Dhabi Approvals team connects with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi or DOH, the authority that provides permits, licenses, and approvals for medical staff and facilities such as hospitals & clinics, to accurately gain DOH approvals for our clients.

DOH Abu Dhabi focuses on research and innovation which is fundamental to the growth and development of industries including the health sector of the country. Department of Health Abu Dhabi is a regulatory entity that aims to make the Emirate a centre for medical research and innovation, and guarantee excellence in Healthcare for the entire community. It also shapes the regulatory foundation for the health system, inspections against regulations, enforcement of standards, and encourages the acquisition of world-class practices and performance targets by all healthcare service providers in the Emirate.

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What is DOH Abu Dhabi Approval?

The DOH Abu Dhabi authority aims to provide easy access to high-quality and outstanding healthcare services to all members of the community. To fulfill its goal, the Department of Health Abu Dhabi implements permits, licenses, and approvals of medical professionals, events, and relevant innovative research and projects that include the construction of healthcare facilities such as hospitals, medical centers, clinics, pharmacies, and more. It is very significant to maintain the highest quality healthcare standards to all facilities and services of the government that prioritize patient health and well-being above all.

DOH Abu Dhabi Services

The level of the quality of health services provided by the emirate’s healthcare facilities covers quality assurance certificates, compliance with healthcare regulation, and workplace safety to patients, healthcare staff, and visitors. Department of Health Abu Dhabi embraces the priorities that support the goal of improving the well-being of residents through prevention and access to integrated, innovative, high-quality, and cost-efficient healthcare.

DOH Abu Dhabi services include but are not limited to:
Request for Licensing a Health Facility
Healthcare Facilities Licensing and Approvals
Request for Licensing or Re-licensing Health Facility
Request for Renewing a Health Facility Licence
Request for Changing Type of Healthcare Facility
Request to Add Specialty, Number of Beds or Home Care Service to a Healthcare Facility
Request for Changing the Internal Plan of a Health Care Facility Licensing
Extension of Preliminary Approval for a Healthcare Facility

Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire DOH Abu Dhabi Approval related to engineering projects of our clients.


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