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Abu Dhabi Approvals team is always ready to provide assistance in gaining DCT approval for business, art, culture, sports, and events from the Department of Culture and Tourism and other relevant authorities such as ADCD & ADM.

The tourism sector of Abu Dhabi is a big contributor to the economic progress and helps achieve the capital’s wider global objectives. These goals are set to the responsibilities of the Department of Culture and Tourism which directs the continuous growth of the culture and tourism industry of Abu Dhabi. The heritage, language, and landscape of the country define the vision of DCT Abu Dhabi to enhance the authenticity and innovation standing together with its heritage that embraces hospitality, initiatives, and creativity. Promoting the capital Emirate innovative sectors while preserving its culture is a mission that the authority upholds. And by offering a unique experience for residents and tourists, and establish Abu Dhabi as a leisure and cultural destination of divergence, the development of its global reputation will continue to arise.

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What is the Department of Culture and Tourism Approval?

DCT strives to unify Abu Dhabi’s vision and tourism industry to become the leading local and international travel destination uplifting its potential to further merge investments and innovation. The hospitality industry is a huge contributor to nurture the tourism industry through providing the highest quality and appealing amenities and services as a distinctive tourism and cultural destination. And the implementation of standards and regulations will effectively guide the set hospitality strategy of the Department of Culture and Tourism as a cultural destination of divergence for its economic diversification. 

DTC Abu Dhabi Services and Offers

The Licensing and Classification service of DTC Abu Dhabi analyzes the classification of hospitality establishments and services based on mandatory, rating and scoring criteria on a scale of one star to five stars. Hospitality organizations are classified on a scale of one star to five stars. The classification system aims to deliver high-quality products and services and encourages continuous enhancement within the tourism industry. Every hospitality entity such as hotels and resorts, food and beverage establishments, theme parks, events, and many more must meet the set standards of safety and security of bedrooms, bathrooms, and public areas which acquires approvals from appropriate Abu Dhabi authorities.

Department of Culture and Tourism services include but are not limited to:

A world-class licensing and regulatory service that ensures convenient issuance, approval, renewal, amendment, and cancellation of all tourism-related licenses for every relevant tourism organization in Abu Dhabi. The service also includes Hotel establishment license,  management & operation license, Excursion boat license, Tour operator license, Travel agent license, Tourism restaurant license, and Floating restaurant license.

Hospitality Classification service covers hotels, hotel apartments, and resort establishments to implement mandatory rating, scoring, benchmarking, and considering guest experience feedbacks on a sliding scale of one star to five stars. This service aims to continuously enhance the delivery of the highest quality of hospitality and tourism excellence within the Emirates.

Holiday Homes in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi intends to create more accommodation alternatives and preferences with unique and comfortable amenities ensuring worthiness as the hotel industry. Holiday homes were initiated with regulations and excellent standards focusing on providing a quality experience for visitors.

Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire Department of Culture and Tourism Approval related to engineering projects of our clients.


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