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Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Approval

Acquire Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Approval with the help of our experts, start your projects in Abu Dhabi.

Resolution No. 17 of 2005 issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, may God protect him. The Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company was created to safely collect and treat or dispose of wastewater or any solid and liquid waste generated from residential and industrial facilities under the jurisdiction of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. As a government company that provides public service, ADSSC works to develop the development and infrastructure projects the necessary resources, in accordance with the standards and regulations, to perform efficiently with high quality and with international standards.

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Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Approval | ADSSC

What is Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Approval?

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company approval service stands on the vision to build a global reputation with an excellent work environment, recognized attainments, and unique projects, and in line with the future vision of the Emirate 2030. The company along with the government’s vision aspires to reach an effective and open economy that makes the Emirate of Abu Dhabi one of the leading performing governments internationally over the next few years setting priority on sustainability, innovation, and efficiency in the provision of sanitation services. ADSSC focuses on serving residential, commercial, and industrial communities with high-efficiency and huge capacity services that are constantly set for innovation keeping on pace with the rapid population demand and economic growth in the emirate.

AD Approvals offer assistance in acquiring NOCs and permits required for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects in Abu Dhabi from ADSSC. We support the fairness, transparency, and accountability of Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company and its promotion of trust and credibility in its services. Through the set of policies, laws, and regulations, the ADSSC approval services are well-stated following effectively the rules and procedures impost for making business and construction ventures.

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Services 

AD Approvals offers services in acquiring ADSSC approval, such services include but are not limited to the following:

Project No Objection Certificates and Building and Demolition Permits
No-objection Request to issue a building completion certificate
Building Permit No Objection Request
No Objection Request for Building Demolition Permit
No Objection Request for Tower Crane License
Basement Extension NOC
Application for Issuance of No Objection for Awning Works
Building Permit Initial No Objection Certificate Request
No-objection request to start project work

Related Authority Approvals to ADDSC
Abu Dhabi Environment Agency Approval Services
Permitting Development and Infrastructure Projects
    Submitting an Environmental Permit Application
    Preliminary Environmental Review - PER
    Strategic Environmental Assessment - SEA
Obtaining a NOC for Construction
Obtaining a Permit for Operation 
Renewing a NOC or Permit
Modifying a NOC for Construction or Operating Permit
Obtaining a NOC for Decommissioning
Etisalat Service Application
Du Service Application
Etihad Rail NOCs
    Design No Objection Certificates
Construction No Objection Certificates
Completion Certificate Requests
Urban Planning Council or Department of Municipalities and Transport
TAMM Service portal
ADNOC Approvals 
Requires ICV Certificate

Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain NOC, permits, and licenses needed to acquire ADSSC Approval related to engineering projects.


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