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Abu Dhabi Distribution Company Approval of Electrical Drawings

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May 15, 2021

The Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, as the major energy distributor in Abu Dhabi, is committed to being the leading supply company for water and electricity distribution in the capital Emirate. It standards firm as an employer of choice that puts people first and a community-minded company that is known for its strategic principles of innovation, teamwork, transparency, ownership, and cares. ADDC plans, operates, maintains, and owns network distribution resources and directly interfaces with water and electricity consumers, supporting technical calibers and quality customer service and solutions. The company also ensures efficient water and electricity services to consumers through continuous enhancements with a savvy, resilient, innovative, and sustainable distribution network.

ADDC Approval of Electrical Drawings

The Approval on Electrical Drawings under the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company service category of Extension and Connection of Electricity Services provides evaluation and assessment on the internal wiring shop drawings ensuring the compatibility and compliance of the specifications and standards set by the supervising departments and the ADDC. This ADDC approval service is granted to existing and proposed residential, agriculture, commercial, industrial, and governmental projects within Abu Dhabi City and areas in Al Dhafrah Region.

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company Required Documents for Electrical Drawing Approval

Ministry of Labor authenticated Electricity Contractor Contract
Land Plan
Electrical Wiring Diagram
Electrical Loads Table of Details
Architectural Schemes Approval Copy
Approved Plan of the Electrical Room or Transformer
Proposed Civil Works Plan
Electrical Meters Table
Floor Plans for Projects with Internal Meters only

Steps to Acquire ADDC Approval on Electrical Drawing Service

Submit an application and required documents through the ADDC website service portal.
Review and assessment of the application and required documents.
ADDC approval or rejection response for the application.
Close the application.

Required Fees and Charges
AED 250 for a less than or equal to 500 kW
AED 500 for more than 500 kW

Client Categories 
Anyone from the client categories below can acquire the service through the ADDC website.

Persons (G2C)

  1. Residential
  2. Agricultural

Business Sector (G2B)

  1. Industrial
  2. Commercial

Governmental Sector (G2G)

  1. Governmental

Service Duration
Within 3 Working Days

ADDC approval and services set strategic goals that focus on building a smart, sustainable, integrated, productive, and rationalized distribution system, which will assure to fulfill present and future energy demand and consumer expectations. The safety and efficiency of the operations of energy distribution and supply of the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company are on point and maintained at all costs to prevent any dysfunction and shortage. It has been the mission of ADDC to operate an enhanced, reliable, secure, and cost-effective distribution system in Abu Dhabi to deliver economical yet cutting-edge services to the community. The values of the company have been its core in providing quality services to consumers while having continuous upgrades, and achieving the goal of becoming one of the leading energy distribution and supply companies worldwide.

Abu Dhabi Approvals provides assistance in obtaining Abu Dhabi Distribution Company approval of Electrical Drawings and other Extension And Connection Of Electricity and Services for residential, commercial, and industrial engineering projects within Abu Dhabi City and Al Dhafrah Region. We offer quality services on application, document completion, and submission for approval acquisition from major Abu Dhabi authorities and relevant departments such as Abu Dhabi Municipality and Al Dhafrah Region Municipality approvals for engineering projects across the capital Emirate. Contact us for more details.


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