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Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Fire & Life Safety Regulations & Approval

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March 4, 2021

Abu Dhabi is acknowledged as the 2021 safest city in the world and behind this achievement are the high-quality standards of safety and security services provided by the Abu Dhabi Civil Defence. ADCD recognizes the significance of developing its public services and performance aiming to deliver excellence. Its commitment to provide the highest standards of safety and security by complying with international guidelines, procedures, and rules in fire fighting and rescue operations. This government authority also contributes to maintaining safety and security factors for the engineering and construction industry. Its regulations include categorized standards for every kind of structure in different sizes and purposes. 

ADCD Fire & Life Safety Regulations

It is the policy to ensure that the risk of fire is minimized and secure the safety of life and property. 
ADCD approval requirements are intended to impose minimum guidelines for design, construction, modification and installation of buildings, fire detection and protection systems, and life safety concerns as per National Fire Protection Association standards & local regulations. 
The owners, designers, decor companies, consultants, and contractors shall be responsible for compliance with the design standards & code requirements. 
The relevant standards and codes that are used as references shall be declared and affixed on the plan. 
Project submissions to acquire ADCD approval should conform to the following procedure and standard plan format requirements.
Project submissions not conforming to these requirements and standards shall not be reviewed. 

ADCD Approval Required Standard Plans

All project submissions shall conform to the following requirements. 

Drawings must be strictly of A1 size. 

Plans must be strictly on a 1:100 or 1:150 scale. 

All dimensions in the plan must be in Metric units (SI).

Plans must be securely bound, or else submission with loose pages shall not be reviewed. 

Plans must be printed drawings, or else handwritten and hand-drawn submissions shall not be reviewed. 

Project submission must have a cover page with a minimum of 150mm X 60mm space for Abu Dhabi Civil Defence stamping and writing comments. 

Project submission should have detailed floor-wise built-up area calculations. 

Project submission must consist of plans and designs as follows:

Color-coded plans shall be appreciated. 

Built-up area calculations 

Setting out plans

Architectural Floor Plans showing Fire rating of walls, partitions, doors, and windows. Travel distances of all remote corners. 

Maximum diagonal distances of the built-up area. 

Staircase details. 

Fire Alarm System layout, Emergency Lighting System layout, Exit Sign layout & Voice Evacuation System layouts, Fire Fighting System layouts, Fire extinguishers distribution layout, Fire pump, and Firewater tank details with riser diagrams. 

Areas protected by the Gas Suppression Systems must be shown as per Standard Legends. 

Smoke Control System and Pressurization System layout depicting smoke and fire damper locations and riser diagrams. 

Location of LPG System tank and dedicated shafts and layout. 

Specification of Curtain-wall system and Exterior facade details with approved system numbers and references. 

Warehouse and storage project submissions must have a scanned copy of the owner’s undertaking letter of responsibility, listing the materials used and stored, and the type of storage method must also be described. 

Industrial, production, processing, manufacturing, and factory project submissions must have a scanned copy of the description of the functional aspect of the facility, rooms, and the process flow. 

A declaration and undertaking letter from the consultant must be furnished which states that the design of fire systems, LPG systems shall be finalized based on a detailed calculation-based approach from the contractor’s shop drawings. 

Each plan must follow the symbols shown in Abu Dhabi Civil Defence standard legends and must be shown at the right corner of each page. 

For the approval of modification, revision, and alteration of buildings, submission must have an approved floor-wise Existing Building Plans for reference, and Revised Building Plans in a single bunch with highlighted revised areas and revised systems.

It is important to follow these ADCD approval standards and regulations to avoid any delay or even cancellation of projects. Hiring professionals is a great way to a hassle-free Abu Dhabi Civil Defence approval process. Abu Dhabi Approvals is a team of experts in the completion and submission of requirements needed to acquire any kind of engineering project approvals. We provide engineering solutions for a smooth and simplified approval process.


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