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Permit and NOC for Excavation and Shoring

Acquire Permits and No Objection Certificates from the NOC Program for Shoring and Excavation works in relation to construction projects in Abu Dhabi.

Every licensed consultant and contractor working in Abu Dhabi will be allowed to work in particular sectors and for projects up to a particular size. Permits, approvals, and NOCs required are dependent on which municipality where the site is located, respectively, the Abu Dhabi Municipality, the Al Ain Municipality, or the Western Region Municipality. The government launched the NOC Program that aims at simplifying, streamlining, and optimizing all procedures and processes related to No Objection Certificates between all concerned stakeholders in Abu Dhabi Emirate and across all sectors, and to make permits, approvals, and NOC acquisition processes more efficient and less costly.

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Permit and NOC Program for Excavation and Shoring

What are Excavation and Shoring Permits and NOC?

The Municipality NOC Program is a comprehensive assemblage of main and complimentary services that include the provision of permits and NOC necessitated by utilities, infrastructure, and construction projects and activities which include Excavation and Shoring works in the three municipalities of Abu Dhabi Emirate. This program serves and guides all types of applicants and requesting entities including citizens, consultants, contractors, developers, and government and semi-government entities. This platform will guide applicants to the relevant permitting systems at the concerned municipalities to proceed with permit or approval transactions as applicable, and will concurrently process all transactions through the system until the final issuance of the No Objection Certificates.

AD Approvals team follows the usual NOC application process for Excavation and Shoring to acquire work permits from the mandating municipality. The process starts with initiating a request to the NOC Program service portal in accordance with the submittal guidelines. The application then will undergo evaluation and technical coordination with the NOC Issuing Authorities. Site inspection and other necessary assessments can be implemented to ensure compliance with the standards and regulations. Our team assures handling the process from the document and drawing completion, application submission, and inspection assistance in order to acquire No Objection Certificates.

NOC Program Requirements for Excavation and Shoring Works

Applicant Identification which includes entity name of consultant/ contractor, actual applicant, contact information.

Letter of Appointment I Assignment I Authorization from the entity of which the Applicant is representing.

Commercial Registration authenticated and as a shared government service from the Department of Economic Development, in the case of commercial entity applicants.

Administrative Attributes which holds administrative characteristics or specifications of the Applicant.

Any license other than the general commercial registration.

Power of Attorney to represent or act on another's behalf in matters relating to the transactions.

Any certificate such as a Health and Safety Certificate.

Letter of Undertaking from the Applicant committing to comply with required conditions.

Permit or Approval, as per stages, which is a prerequisite approval from a government entity or asset owner

Site Handover after demarcation letter from municipality confirming the handover of a site or parcel.

Applicable fees for the service of receiving and processing of NOC application and the Issuance of NOCs. 

Bank Guarantee to ensure that a party, whether the contractor or consultant, fulfills its contractual obligations.

Other support administrative documents.    


Technical Inputs

Project information that holds technical characteristics and specifications of the project.

Project Schedule of works, including their instatement schedule.

Method Statement on how the work will be conducted, especially relevant when street excavations or tunneling is to be performed, including as applicable a relocation/protection plan with regard to existing utilities.

Design criteria information about the project to be executed, which could include materials to be used, reinforcement, protection measures, etc.

Risk assessment may be required by certain NOC Issuing Entities.

HSE plan, as required.

Traffic impact study as required by the Department of Transport, municipalities, or Abu Dhabi Police.

Test Results of ground surface and subsurface conditions, such as soil analysis or compaction tests, geotechnical, geophysical, etc.

Any photographs of the site, pre-construction, as found, or completed works.

Other Technical Reports, Excavation or Field Survey Reports, road furniture inventory lists, etc.

Services related to Excavation and Shoring

Request for Permission of Tower Crane or Crane of Personnel and Equipment within the Plot Limits
Request for Permission of a Tower Crane or a Personnel and Equipment Crane Outside the Plot Limits    
Request Issuance of a NOC for Small Construction Projects
Request a Permit for Site Preparation

Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire Permits and NOCs related to the construction projects of our clients.


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