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February 28, 2021

The UAE is indeed a nation of shifting sands, and in the past 30 years, every single Emirates has seen vast areas of desert arise into pillars of futuristic urban innovation. Abu Dhabi, as the capital Emirate, increases its development projects every year, making every local and international investors and visitors have this feeling of building anticipation. With the remarkable architecture and engineering approach creating one-of-a-kind structures for residential, commercial, transportation, and industrial sectors, the capital is undeniably thundering down the construction industry to urbanization. Major government authorities such as DMT handle every project proposal and approvals ensuring factors such as sustainability, infrastructure capacity, and environmental planning for the development across the Emirate.

What is DMT?

The Department of Municipalities and Transport or DMT, formerly known as the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, is the main government authority that regulates the urban planning and transport sectors of the three regional municipalities of Abu Dhabi. It is the major regulatory entity for the engineering and construction sector of the capital Emirate and its three municipalities Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Al Ain City Municipality, and Al Dhafra Region Municipality or Western Region. The authority maintains high standards for every development project for the Emirates that focus on safety, security, sustainability, and technological innovations.

Approvals, permits, and licenses are needed to start any business or engineering project in Abu Dhabi. DMT, as the main authority that handles the engineering and construction sector or the Emirate, provides specific standard requirements to gain approval on documents, technical drawings, certificates, permits, licenses, and other necessary approvals. The authority provides services that will guide, regulate and monitor every project and development making sure that the standards and regulations are followed. Professionals, consultants, contractors, investors, and other public or private entities involved in any kind of developmental project must comply with every rule and requirement the Department of Municipalities and Transport and other relevant authorities impost.

Abu Dhabi Approvals DMT Approval Services

There are certain requirements and processes which a client might not be familiar with or they might have a hard time completing in a limited schedule. Well, it is probably the right time to hire a professional team to help you with DMT approval. A team of expert consultants, contractors, and designers will make sure to carry out a hassle-free process for your business and engineering projects

Abu Dhabi Approvals is a group of professionals, architects, and engineers who are skilled in approval services which include drawing submission, 2D drafting, 3D rendering and visualizations, space planning, interior designing, and documentations, requesting and receiving NOC and approvals from authorities, initial and final inspections, and completion certificate. We offer assistance on business and engineering projects, particularly for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our team is versatile and innovatively skilled in Engineering and Architecture with expertise in Civil, Structural, Construction, MEP, Villa Design, Interior Design, and Project Management which gives us the advantage to complete a project within the given time-frame. We aim to provide a one-stop engineering solution to accurately simplify the process of DMT approval for our clients.

We also have an expert team of contractors, designers, and engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi, who are always ready to carry out a safe and smooth process for your projects from the planning and design phase, submission and approval process, and construction up to the completion phase. Instead of resting on what is already here, Abu Dhabi Approvals team believes that there is plenty more to come on the back of new technologies and innovation. We will help the Department of Municipalities and Transport with their aim to enhance municipal works and projects to provide accurate and a broader scope of services that create high-quality living standards for residents and visitors through the thorough supervision and management of the municipalities.


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