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ADM Regulates Developmental Projects in the City

Abu Dhabi Approvals

April 4, 2021

The capital of the UAE is constant with its ongoing urbanization that includes paving roads for better transportation access, developing modern and sustainable communities, and various upgrades on public spaces and services for the wellbeing of the people. These developmental projects can not be possibly implemented without the ADM approval which strictly regulates and sets standards to assure that the purpose of the projects will benefit the people, the city, and the country. Abu Dhabi Municipality or ADM gives priority to projects that create an ideal modern living environment for residents providing high quality of living experience.

Abu Dhabi Municipality Approval on City Projects

ADM, since it has started its services, has developed a number of key objectives which became the foundation of the notable implementation of development projects over the city. As one of the major authorities of the city, Abu Dhabi Municipality aims to establish modern infrastructure that includes bridges, drainage systems, road networks, modern upgrades on transportation, and the reinforcement of comprehensive development projects focusing on sustainability. The simultaneous stride of the objectives set by the government with the impost ADM approval standards helps to keep moving towards the achievement of the future goals of every city project.

In line with the Abu Dhabi Municipality approval standards and policies which intend to make Abu Dhabi a modern capital city, ADM provides all kinds of approval services for residential, commercial, industrial, and other projects. Following the ADM approval standards are necessary initially on the planning to the construction phase of building projects. These building standards are meant to help the urbanization objectives whilst observing the environmental safety and maintaining the architectural heritage of the country. Abu Dhabi Municipality services also carry inspections of building and construction projects, prepare assessment reports, and follow-ups to assure that contractors and engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi observe building and safety standards.

ADM sits at the center of this urbanization and economic growth. It has the responsibility to regulate urban developments with systems that are integrated with relevant authorities. These authorities provide services including Abu Dhabi Municipality approval through e-services under the DMT portal. It is designed to innovatively transform the environmental and urban improvements of the city in a more accessible, accurate, and easy process. Abu Dhabi, the largest and richest of the seven emirates of the UAE, is indeed in the midst of its advancements and soon will be recognized as one of the modern and sustainable cities in the world.

ADM Approval Services

Abu Dhabi Approvals is a team of professionals, architects, and engineers who are skilled in acquiring authority approvals including Abu Dhabi Municipality approval. We provide professional assistance on business and engineering projects for residential, commercial, and industrial projects in particular with expertise that includes drawing submission, documentation, initial and final inspections, requesting and receiving of No Objection Certificates, authority approvals, and completion certificate. Together with our expert contractor and engineering consultant partners, we are all equipped with skills and experience to carry out a safe and smooth process from the initial planning and design phase, submission and approval process, construction, and completion phase of projects. We believe that our hard work and integrity lead us to gain the trust of our clients, therefore, we aim to continue with our track to impart our expertise in the engineering and construction industry.


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