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2030 Urban Development Plan of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Approvals

April 29, 2021

Abu Dhabi caters to a blend of modern and cultural society that helped carve the ongoing urban development modernization of the city. The future goal of the government is to develop numerous new areas and districts with infrastructure upgrades, transportation advancements, residential projects, and economic development through tourism upswings. As the community grows along with the modernization framework, named the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, the initiatives will surely shape the society into an innovative and sustainable global capital city. The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council with the participation of other authorities and departments such as the Department of Municipalities and Transportation or DMT helps to implement this multifaceted initiative.

Sustainable Urban Plan for the Future Global Capital City

It is important to have proper knowledge on the efficient usage of existing assets through conservation and respecting natural and cultural resources. Conservation is one of the major techniques for integrating sustainability into any kind of developmental project around the city. Active exploration of renewable energy production in Abu Dhabi will help to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and be able to educate future generations about vision. 

Abu Dhabi sets its strategic approach on sustainability for the Urban Structure Framework Plan of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 that aims to become a global capital city in three decades more. From its initiation 13 years ago, the upgrades for the city have gone a long way inspiring other cities and neighboring countries to start modernization focusing on sustainable policies that will benefit the natural environment, economic growth, cultural heritage, and human wellbeing. 

Abu Dhabi Authorities on Plan Abu Dhabi 2030

The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, DMT along with ADM clinch to build a unique environment prudently while preserving the natural environment and cultural heritage. Every phase will be carefully planned to strike a balance between conservation and modernization. The evolving culture in the city inspires the urban plan to create a pleasant range of housing developments that will simultaneously accommodate new lifestyles and a growing society. With the objectives that reflect the cultural and environmental distinction of the capital, it presents a future with practicality, flexibility, and sustainability that encourages Abu Dhabi Municipality to level up its development principles and ADM approval standards. 

The Urban Structure Framework Plan points out Abu Dhabi’s growth details which were made possible by the started vision. The roadmap of principles that led to setting out comprehensive policies focusing on community upgrades, infrastructures, transportation, and economic enhancement outlines the main building blocks of the plan. This framework helps authorities and relevant departments, investors, contractors, engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi, and other private and public entities to contribute productively and beneficially to the said vision.

DMT established specific approvals systems for each municipality such as Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, and Al Dhafrah Region Municipality developmental projects to efficiently support urban planning. However, the scaled vision and recent plan encompass only the urban region of Abu Dhabi Municipality, as of now. Though, there will be separate developmental plan initiatives for the Al Ain and Al Dhafrah Region Municipalities in the future.

ADM approval for Abu Dhabi Municipality, as where the major enhancements will take place, ensures to strictly set standards and regulations for the near achievement of the vision. The Abu Dhabi Municipality approval standards will be conceptual enough to help approve project proposals quickly and efficiently. The Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 will act as guidelines to determine new developments to ensure they will be consistent and coherent with the objectives of the vision creating a viable urban city. Every comprehensive plan must include a detailed work program, area plans, regulatory guidelines, and zoning will be adequate once approved. 


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